Life is what you make it: Book Review

Name of the novel – Life is what you make it

Author – Preeti Shenoy

Genre – Biography

Life is what you make it REVIEW

Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy

I read Life is what you make it a long time back, this book had a great impact on me. I was really impressed by the plot. Honestly, I loved reading it and when I thought of reading it again, the idea of sharing the review, followed.

The prologue will make you want to know more about Ankita and her story. You won’t be able to skip it.

The way the author described every scene in the novel let it be the way to the hospital or inside of the hospital or the buildings of Ankita’s campus, she never fails to make us live the novel in life is what you make it. It felt like I was Ankit and I was able to do what Ankita was doing in the novel.

Ankita Sharma is depicted as a gorgeous shrewd and appealing young lady having loads of young men as companions. The story moves between various cities and Ankita with all her diligent effort makes it to her fantasy about turning into an MBA.


In any case, life has something different coming up for her.

She winds up being a patient in the psychological clinic. At this very point is the point at which this commonplace romantic tale takes a turn. This is the point where the title assumes its part. This makes you question your own self and self-convictions. This straightforwardly composed novel enlightens us regarding the growing-up phonomime. It is so profound and rousing that the delayed consequence causes you to contemplate your life over and over again.

Being a love or romantic novel I won’t recommend it as an inspirational story, but the novel has a great and deep impact on me. This great novel gives us the meaning of life, motivating us to believe that life is truly and indeed what we make it.

Life is what you make it Quotes

  1. Creativity is closely related to Bipolar disorder.
  2. If you havent made somebody’s day happier, if you havent appreciated something good that has happened to you and if you have not felt thankfulto be alive, then you have wasted that day of your life on earth.
  3. If I pretend to be normal and behaved just like everybody else, mask my emotions and smile alot, nobody would be able to tell.
  4. Never Belittle Love
  5. We are what our thoughts have made us. So take care of what you think. Thoughts live. They travel far.
  6. You have no rigght to kill others. Then how can you have a right to kill yourself?
  7. Physical pain is far better to bear than Mental agony.
  8. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.
  9. Once you know what directions to take, finding the path becomes easier.
  10. There are no “BUT’S” and “IF’S” in life.
  11. The world is indeed a better place when there is love.
  12. Love and time are the greatest gift one can receive.

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