the girl in the red lipstick

The Girl In The Red Lipstick- Book Review

Name: The Girl In The Red Lipstick

Author: Ajay K Pandey

Publisher: Shristi Publishers

Release Date: 13 August 2021

The Girl In The Red Lipstick


The Girl In The Red Lipstick story starts with Arun heading out to the City of Dreams, Kolkata. There, at a book dispatch, Arun experiences a fall which leaves him in torment. To reduce the aggravation, Arun employs a masseuse to go to his room. Enters Lalita, the hero of the story. At first, there’s nothing that Arun discovers alluring in her. She gives him a back rub, discharges his scaled-down bar, gets compensated, and leaves. However, there is this one inquiry that keeps springing up “How about you expound on the existence of a whore?”- to which Arun has no reaction. At the point when Arun enlists Lalita for the subsequent time, he sees something in a her-a story worth paying attention to.

The establishment of the story in itself isn’t novel. A person feels for a whore and endeavors to help her. This story by Ajay K Pandey most certainly sticks out, principally due to the effortlessness with which it is described. There could be no preposterous discoursed, inordinate depiction, or pointless misrepresentations. The portrayal is like how two individuals would talk, and that is the thing that makes perusing the book a reasonable encounter. The 200-page book joins 3 povs’- Arun, Lalita, and Kajal each advancing their comprehension of the circumstance they are in. There are likewise histories that lead to the current point in a person’s life.

The whole book advances at an unpretentious speed not very quick in order to make it look surged nor too lethargic that one may be exhausted. Now and again, it takes startling turns, similar to when Vishal, Arun’s dearest companion enters the scene. You would expect the contribution of a cop will transform the story into an alternate point, however it doesn’t. In any event, when Kajal shows up, the assumption is that of an out-and-out dramatization yet what follows is a finely drawn unfurling of occasions paving the way to the peak.

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