Review Of The Boy Who Loved By Durjoy Dutta

Review Of The Boy Who Loved By Durjoy Dutta

The Boy Who Loved – Name of the Novel

Durjoy Dutta – Author

Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romance novel, Romantic Fantasy – Genre

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The boy who loved by Durjoy Dutta, an innocent love story followed by the consequences of inter-caste marriage, an Hindu – Muslim marriage, which is somewhere the biggest issue in today’s society as well.
A typical 90’s love story, written in a form of a journal penned down by Raghu Ganguly. Or suicidal boy, depressed of his best friend’s death, who died at the age of 4 in a swimming pool.

The task of searching for the tallest building ended the day Brahmi Sharma entered his life. He had the power to love, and the power to change.
Raghu is an intelligent, middle-class, Bengali boy, studying in his 10th standard, living with an aim of being an IITian, he has an elder brother whom he adores the most.

In the middle of Raghu’s innocent love story, his elder brother loves a Muslim girl and marries her. This brought hatred to the family.
On the other hand, Brahmi is a victim of physical assault and has to go through many painful baptisms of fire.
The characters are realistic. Raghu’s parents were a type of 90’s Indian Bengali parents and I personally hate them and this hatred grew more.

I wasn’t ready for the novel to end. The novel ended on too sad terms, that’s not how we thought it to end. I was literally searching for more pages.
But, yes we got a part two, THE BOY WITH THE BROKEN HEART.

Undoubtedly, while I was reading the book, I wasn’t able to keep track of the time. All I know was that I was eager to find out how his friend died and how Brahmi got those bruises on her arm, will his brother’s love story was a happy one or a sad one, which building will Raghu choose.



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