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Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Name Of The Novel.

Robert Kiyosaki – Author.

Personal finance – Genre  


Perusing Rich Dad, Poor Dad is astounding speculation of time. You get a larger number of profits than your venture the second you begin consuming up many a page of this book.

For beginners who want to accomplish monetary flourishing, Kiyosaki offers serviceable bits of knowledge dependent on genuine encounters. It shows us thoughts regarding applied financial aspects that ought to have been instructed to us in schools or at home.

The standards of monetary proficiency Accounting, Investing, Understanding business sectors, and pertinent laws are clarified in a way that even a layman can completely identify with them. The creator emphasizes the significance of sound accounts for a superior significant life.

He contends that while one might be a scholarly expert, a clincher, a gold medalist, there is each chance of winding up as a disappointment without monetary expertise.

The book shows the distinction between resources and liabilities in a manner we won’t ever envision. The creator says that while the rich put resources into resources and let cash work for them, the working class puts resources into liabilities gullibly thinking about them as resources and work for cash.

For instance, a costly house/vehicle is a risk for the rich and a resource for poor people. The rich face challenges, yet the poor consistently play safe with regard to venture and returns. The rich make resources to pay their costs, the helpless equilibrium pay, and costs while never considering about it.

The distinction, the creator says lies in reasoning. “On the off chance that you need to put resources into something, put resources into monetary education”, the creator states.

It is in the absence of monetary proficiency that working-class salaried individuals consider Mutual assets as a protected alternative for the venture, resting more confidence in the asset supervisor than their own comprehension of accounts.

This, the creator makes reference to, was instructed to him by his rich father, a man whom he met in adolescence.

The Poor Dad advises him “I can’t manage the cost of it”, while Rich Dad educates him “How I can manage the cost of it.”

This distinction of attitude between the two Dads rises up out of the comprehension of funds. He expects his encounters will help other people in showing up at better monetary choices.


8 Key Lessons On Financial Freedom From Rich Dad Poor Dad

  1. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS By changing every negative can’t do thought into a can-do makes your attitude healthy.
  2. TAKE RISK AND GAIN EXPERIENCE TO BECOME START Taking calculated risk will help you to build wealth and make you smart with each experience.
  3. GAIN GINANCIAL KNOWLEDGE Learn how to create wealth to attain financial independence.
  4. STAY FOCUSED Focus on opportunities or invest in business to build more assets and generate a strong flow of income.
  5. PAY TAXES LIKE CORPORATES Invest in a direct plan while investing in mutual funds as they have a lower expense ratio that can help you grow more wealth and reduce your tax outgo just like corporates.
  6. INVENT MONEY Formalise yourself with different forms of investment avenues, strategies and opt forindependent research services to take better decisions.
  7. WORK TO ACQUIRE LIFE SKILLS, NOT FOR MONEY Acquiring life skills can help you seek meaning full information from your investment advisor.
  8. CONTROL EMOTIONS Learn to channelize your emotional balance and be focused on achieving your financial goals.


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