love hope and magic

Love Hope and Magic Review

Love Hope and Magic โ€“ Name Of The Novel

Akash Bagrecha โ€“ Author

Poetry โ€“ Genre


Love, hope, and magic is a fantastic collection of poems. Each expression of this book contacts our hearts.

The writer relieves the readers on the best way to confront life’s real factors in this amazing journey of love, hope, and magic. He shares his significant considerations in this book. His brilliant portrayal assists the readers with recuperating and reestablish their positive energy.

It’s a book you’ll keep with you until the end of time. With pages set apart to peruse that specific sonnet, attempting to interface with the feeling and individual’s memory behind feeling it.

I stamped numerous poems, a few poems are simply totally delightful. ๐Ÿงก

All and everything I don’t lament getting it by any means.

This book is not about being critical of a book review, but to remind ourselves that sometimes we need to remember not to close our hearts in this practical world yet take a few minutes and let the breeze hit our face and make us grin.

Really loved the book. I felt connected with every word and every poem. The author has penned down his core feelings in such a beautiful way.

Motivating and Engaging. Energetically suggest.

Love Hope and Magic Price

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