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A natural take on beauty, at Deyga they believe in organic care for the body. A fusion of nature and goodness, they combine every particle by hand and bring to you an immersive experience of oneness with the earth. Their craftsmen celebrate raw, natural, and organic beauty in every product they chisel.

Deyga Organics is a natural skincare brand established by Arthi Raguram. It centers around the regular and natural to bring out safe and upgrading skincare items. Deyga attempts to restore conventional creation processes which are near terminated in this speedy world. Their items are unadulterated, hand-tailored, and regular, and this is the thing that makes them unique.

Deyga Rose and Mulethi Face Pack Review

I have dry skin and in the wake of utilizing this strictly for a very long time alternate days, I can say my skin is adoring the deyga rose and mulethi face pack. It doesn’t excessively dry my skin since it has skin-loving medicinal oils and mulethi which is useful in sustaining dry and flaky skin. Oats tenderly eliminate dead skin bringing about an unmistakable skin. The face pack doesn’t suck dampness from the skin which is extraordinary as I would like to think. The face pack gives a more splendid and clean skin, what else you want from a face pack. It makes my skin delicate and gives an excellent gleam. It is painstakingly formed for dry skin and it does the work.


It arrives in an external plastic box with the brand name. The real item arrives in a strong glass bottle with a steel top. Every one of the insights concerning the item, fixings, utilization, and so forth are obviously referenced on the name. I figure a little wooden spoon can be an extraordinary expansion and helpful as well.



The face pack is in powder form and it tends to be blended in with milk, rose water, or some other fluid according to one’s own requirement. It contains squashed rose petals, oat supper, and mulethi as the base ingredients. The powder is neither too coarse nor excessively fine. It has an ideal surface and when blended in with milk it becomes minimal pinkish as a result of the flower petals. It has a gritty smell that is extremely inconspicuous and surprisingly touchy nose can endure. I like to blend it in with milk and pass on it to do sorcery on my skin for 15 to 20 minutes until it doesn’t totally get and wash dry with water focusing on roundabout movements. It additionally acts as a gentle exfoliator which gives a lighting-up impact.



The lightweight Degya beetroot lip balm slides effectively into lips and gives a brilliant sparkle. It likewise acts superbly as a base under lipstick. It holds my lips hydrated and smooth for 3-4 hours without causing them to appear outstandingly sleek, and it gives a charming sheer concealing tone.

This lip balm from deyga keeps lips hydrated for quite a while and needn’t bother with consistent reapplication. The primary benefit of this lip balm is it doesn’t feel weighty on the lips and doesn’t exasperate the lips when executed in a thick layer.

One critical advantage of this lip balm is that it does not include oil or petroleum jelly. The time span of usability is less, only eight months. It is more limited, yet it likewise implies fewer additives, which is a significant trademark.



Deyga strawberry lip scrub arrives in a tin and you love it the moment you open the tin. The strawberry flavor causes you to eat it. You get helped to remember your cherished strawberry-chewing gums. The delicate pink tone is an enjoyment to see.

The lip scrub has natural shea spread, almond oil, granulated sugar, avocado oil, Vit E, and strawberry medicinal ointment. It tenderly sheds dry and dead skin while nourishing it simultaneously. It gives a volumizing impact on the lips.

I use it two times every week for delicate and full lips. I’m really content with the outcome. I love the way that the clean peels and furthermore keeps the lips saturated. It additionally takes off lipstick deposits to uncover lighter lips. The lip scour has plenty of oils that will quite often spill so be careful while putting away it.

That is it from my side for the present. I hope you liked the review. Much appreciated Deyga for sending the items.


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