Who I Am

My name is Aanchal Bhatia, The Founder of RatingShating and I am into reading and social distancing. A part time student and full time webhead. 

rating shating

What We Do?

RatingShating help the client with picking the right thing by giving buyers guide and top assessed things from E-Commerce sites.

Today preceding shopping we need tohave clear data to avoid any disorder or confusion and RatingShating fill that knowledge gap by providing detail study about the product.

Usually we do shopping based on a family, sidekicks’ recommendations and don’t have a great deal of time to do full research. RatingShating come as a rescue there.


We finishes up the best thing available online by doing the bare essential examination of each and every thing specific. We moreover consider customer reviews from E-Commerce sites.

We give detailed overviews of basically all the skin care products and books.

If you are endeavoring to figure out which thing is best for you, we are sure you will find RatingShating significant.

Our point is to give genuine information about the top things referred to.

We wish this site to be the place where people make up their minds and settle the one they are looking for.